Dental Implants

About Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most comfortable, effective, and stable means of replacing missing teeth. They are composed of titanium steel. A tiny metal screw is placed in your jawbone exactly where the root of the missing tooth was. After the gum tissues heal and the bone fuses with the implant it remains solidly in place. A crown can now be screwed into the implant to make your smile look great again. When compared to other replacement choices, implants produce the most natural-looking results. They are durable and can last a lifetime.

You will have to have a special 3D x-ray done to make sure you have enough bone density for an implant. Sometimes a bone will have to be grafted onto the jaw bone to increase density.

Once determined that an area is ideal for an implant, the dentist can go ahead with the surgery and place you on a recall plan for return visits until the area and tooth are fully restored.

A portion of this can be a covered benefit under your dental insurance provider.

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